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Limb Lengthening And Deformity Correction

Aggeliki’s story

Aggeliki is an 11 years old girl with a congenital neuromuscular condition called myelo-meningocele. She had progressive twisting of her foot that was worsening with time to the point of skin breakdown.

She had to stop walking….

But she didn’t give up !!!

This is her story:

Rafail’s story

Rafail is a 14 years old boy with a condition called Hereditary Multiple Exostoses. His left knee was growing into valgus.

That made his walking more and more difficult.

But he did not give up !!!

He underwent guided growth surgery and he left the hospital the same day walking !!!.
Gradually his knee deformity was corrected.

This is her story:

Vasilis’s story

Vasilis was 13 years old when he had a physeal fracture at his left knee after a skiing accident.
These fractures are notorious for causing leg deformity with shortening of the leg.
That is what happened to him too.
At skeletal maturity he had 4,5 cm of shortening with his left knee growing into valgus (growing crooked).

But he did not give up!!!

He underwent lengthening of the bone and corrected his leg deformity using the most modern method known today called intramedullary lengthening with a Precise nail.
A fully implantable device (nothing sticks out from the skin) that with the assistance of a remote controller can lengthen a long bone painlessly.

This is his story:

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Correction of Complex foot deformities in children

Dimitris’s story

Dimitris is a 13 years old soccer player, that suffered a growth plate injury (the area in a long bone that growing takes place) just below his left knee.
As expected, his leg started to grow crooked and became significantly shorter.

But he did not give up!!!

He underwent surgical correction of this deformity using the TSF (Taylor Spatial Frame).

A circular external fixator that is guided by a computer program that lengthened and straightened all at the same time his leg.

This is his story:

Spyros’s story

Spyros is a 13-year-old boy that due to a neurological disease lost the ability to walk by himself because of his both feet deformities. Both his feet grew into severe equino-cavo-varus position.

But he did not give up!!!

He underwent complex foot surgery in both feet with a combination of multiple foot osteotomies (foot bone reshaping) and tendon transfers. (Without fusion of his joints, i.e. arthrodesis)

He was back into walking by himself!!!

This is his story:

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Management Of Neuromuscular Conditions In Children

Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Llengthenings

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